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A place for the Backstreet Boys fans to unite!
Welcome to Backstreet Army!!!

I created this as a group for Backstreet fans to get and receive the latest information, tour dates, news stories, and graphics about the Backstreet Boys.

1. Bashing. There is ZERO tolerance for bashing of any kind. Whether it be another fan, or the Backstreet Boys themselves. If you aren't a Backstreet Boys fan, please just move on. Find something better and more constructive to do with your time. We don't like wasting our time with you. Anyone found bashing will be removed no questions asked. AND WITH NO WARNING!
2. Trolls. There is a ZERO tolerance for trolls. Anyone found trolling in the community will be removed no questions asked. AND WITH NO WARNING!
3. Promoting. Please keep promoting of other groups to a minimum. I request that anyone wishing to promote their groups to ask me first before posting it in the group. Any ads for other groups that are not first discussed with me, will be removed and the possibility of the member being removed as well.
4. HAVE FUN! We are really here to have fun and meet other BSB fans.

If you have any questions or comments please just let me know.

~ janke
Moderator Backstreet Army